In this article I wanted to discuss how small businesses have benefited from the introduction of widespread internet use regardless of whether they are an ecommerce store and this includes traditional brick and mortar stores who can now benefit from online services.

Firstly you only need look back to a time where maintaining a business store meant searching through phone books or visiting bank managers for an appointment to discuss the payment processing at your store. The main reason why the advent of internet business has benefited the economy is because it has opened up the market to increased competition, now independent businesses can offer their services cheaper.

One thing which offline stores can not live without is credit card processing and now it is easier than ever to click on Google and find a list of third party providers who can pass on savings because of their partnerships with the acquiring banks.

One other advantage of being able to search for independent Merchant Services Providers online is that they very often have detailed PDF’s and images highlighting the various types of PDQ machine terminal which is the device used for processing the customers payment.(You can download PDQ machine specifications by visiting here)

The three main types of PDQ Machine are the ‘Static Desk Mounted Machine’, the ‘Bluetooth Model’ and the ‘Mobile Version’. Each of the latter machines is unique in the fact that they suit different situations, for example, you may only conduct your business within your store and that means you only need terminals fixed to your countertops or you do your business on the go and need a machine which operates in the same manner as a cell phone.

If you are wondering which credit card terminal is best for your specific niche it does not hurt to speak to a specialist since they have worked with thousands of small business types over the years and will be able to advise you what competitors are doing. For example, you might be a taxi firm and you are unsure whether mobile terminals are best or whether you should get a static machines fixed to the passenger cabin for efficient payments on drop off.

The PDQ machine is the most popular device at present for accepting card payments from customers since it is streamlined and has all of the hi-tech data stored inside, unlike mobile payments which aren’t suitable for large scale businesses which require a merchant account.

The merchant account is the specialized bank account required for businesses to use the card terminals mentioned in this article, it is vital because it provides a secure and efficient account to store funds and also withdraw them on a scheduled basis.

In order to be approved for a merchant account you will need to provide details about your business to the acquiring bank so they can determine whether your services are considered ‘High Risk’, if this is the case then the rate you pay on each transaction might be higher than a ‘mom and pops’ owned store. If you think your items are particularly valuable and at risk from fraudulent transactions or are risky services then you definitely need to talk with an advisor.

By Author Richard Brown