Acquiring a bank loan is never easy. Aside from the grueling process, it also is taxing to fall from one line to the other just to get your documentations wholly accomplished. So, if you’re going to ask the question, is it possible to get bank loans in a jiffy? It may be next to impossibility, but in today’s digital age and the advent of online bank loans, one can fairly say that it really is feasible to obtain a loan in just a click.

Here’s a comprehensive process to getting a loan online:

Step #1 Check for banks offering services online

Today, there are only few banks that do not offer online services, so it would be a lot easier for borrowers to find and compare bank rates that are visible on the net. One helpful hint is to shop around for loan rates of at least 3 to 5 banks and try to evaluate which one’s offering the best financial deals.

Step #2 Complete an online application

After you’ve chosen a bank to do transactions with, go to their website and do your application online. However, it is a must that you predominantly peruse through the terms and conditions prior to sealing the deal.

Step# 3 Wait for bank notification

This is whether your bank loan application is approved or not. These banks generally provide 1 to 2 banking days in processing your application.

Depending on the policies of the bank, your loaned amount will either be sent or deposited directly to your account, which is the primary reason why you need to get a comprehensive understanding of the terms and conditions on the onset of your application.