When you are down and out there is little on your mind other than the need to get moving and make cash fast. There are literally hundreds of different ways to accomplish this, whether it involves taking your possessions to the local pawn shop to trade in a few thousand dollars worth of electronics for a few hundred dollars in cold hard cash, or taking a quick day job as a laborer to make the few dollars you might need to keep food in your belly. Whatever your reasons, the suggestions below can help you in times of need and in times of plenty, as a proper strategy can turn a short term option into a long term financial gain if properly applied.

If you are an artist you can take your medium of choice down to the local park or subway and entertain passing people on the street for a few dollars each. Local restaurants and establishments will usually be quite happy to display your work and even offer it for sale in exchange for a percentage of the proceeds.

Musicians can approach local establishments and seek work for a meal and a few dollars – often with the addition of a pint or two for good performances. Even if there is an established band already in the venue you wish to work in, meet with the establishment owners and agree to come in early and work just for a few hours. Restaurant and club owners are always willing to trade food for entertainment, and the money you save can make the difference in getting from one day to the next.

For writers, the options are nearly endless. Businesses and people around the world are always looking for people who are skilled writers.

All you need is access to a computer and the Internet, and you can start making ten or twenty dollars a day just writing simple articles. If you are a more skilled writer you can turn this into hundreds of dollars a day as you become more recognized and well know for your work.

Businessmen, particularly those who have the gift of salesmanship, can find opportunities all over the place. The newspaper can readily show bargains to be had which can be resold at a profit.

Properly written business plans can be presented to banks and investors alike for venture capital. Local businesses can be shown ways to cut costs and improve revenue, resulting in cash for you. Offering to sell products for a company can sometimes generate a start up bonus as well.

When you need to make cash fast, don’t just sit there and think about how to do it. Take these suggestions and put them to work for you. Get out there and hit the streets. Make something for your pocket, and rest assured in the knowledge that you are making a difference in your life. Don’t let someone else take what can be yours. Put your hands on opportunity and turn it into hard cash in your hand.