Bankruptcy is not the death sentence it once was. Back in the day, bankruptcy was a signal that everything you built was about to crumble to the ground. There was also a stigma attached to it, and your reputation would struggle. Now, you can shake it off and start again. Bankruptcy isn’t something you want to be dealing with regardless of how much easier it is to deal with in 2015. It is still stressful, and it still takes a massive toll on your life, both business-wise and personally. More importantly, it can still have devastating effects that everyone wants to avoid. Here is how you can beat bankruptcy.


Sell Off Your Assets

Selling off your assets is a great way of keeping up with your debts. If you let them spiral out of control, you will be in a far weaker position. When you are behind on payments, you can never catch up and before you know it you are in a world of trouble. If you can afford to sell assets for cash, do it. Do it for the sake of your business and your credit score. It might seem drastic, but it is only temporary.


Save Your Way Out Of Debt

If selling your assets is a bit over the top, you can always cut back on the material things that you don’t need. By the term don’t need, I mean something that is not essential. So, your cable TV might seem essential because you love it so much, but it isn’t going to affect your life negatively if you cut off the subscription. Or a mobile phone contract. Either look for a much cheaper one or go old school and buy credit as and when you need some.

Evaluate your outgoings and split them into essentials and non-essentials. It is a very effective way of beating bankruptcy.


Ask Creditors For Help

There are creditors out there that won’t turn you down because you are struggling. Some lenders don’t need impeccable credit ratings and will lend you money with certain caveats. Business cash advance loans are a great source of income for beating bankruptcy, and they are extremely affordable. In the long run, they might cost you more, but, in the long run, your business might not exist anymore, so it is a cost worth accruing.

If you have already borrowed money from creditors, ask them for help. They are more likely to set terms and conditions so they receive their money than they are demand you pay it back when you can’t. They are not stupid, and they understand they could lose their investment if both parties don’t come to an agreement.


Turn To Your Family

Obviously, everyone’s family isn’t capable of bailing them out of trouble, but they are still worth asking. Any little helps and any little your family have they will give you. Plus, there are no strings attached when you borrow from your family.

Bankruptcy is not nice, but it is avoidable. Just use a selection or all of these tips and you will be able to fight your way to the other side.