Having a bad credit rating can feel like the end of the world. When times get tough, and you can’t keep up your repayments, creditors can put notes on your financial record that could cost you dearly in the future. You might not be eligible for favourable rates in the future. You may even find it tough to get any financial products at all.

But this shouldn’t stop you from buying goods and services. And it is entirely possible you can undo the damage that has occurred to your credit rating. Best of all, there are still credit companies out there willing to give you a go as a customer. So don’t panic, you can still carry on as normal.

Most of us need to buy large purchases on credit. It doesn’t matter if we have a good credit rating or not. Things like TVs and appliances are incredibly expensive. It’s not likely we would be able to pay for them outright. And when something like your washing machine breaks down, you need to be able to replace it fast.

Shop around for catalogues for bad credit rating. You may be surprised to see just how many would be willing to provide you with what you need. When you’re in a bind, this could be the best place to head to. Buying appliances on credit gives you the opportunity to spread the cost over many months. This means only a small amount of your salary each month will be spent. It makes life easier to manage.

Spreading the cost is the only way many of us can get through the expenses we have each month. But even if you have a bad credit rating, you can still manage your finances. Paying in cash for your groceries helps you to keep an eye on what you can afford. You can physically see what is left. Some supermarkets allow you tally up your shopping as you go. It gives you a chance to put those treats back if there’s not enough cash to cover them. It’s a great way to avoid going over budget.


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If you have a credit card, make sure you are paying off at least the minimum payment on time every month. This is a great way to repair a poor credit history. Paying your utility and phone bills on time can also help your rating. It will take time, but it’s worth doing. As you pay off debts and loans, make sure the credit company clears any negative notes from your financial record. If ever you want a mortgage product, this could be the first thing the lender looks at.

It can be tempting to try and squirrel some money away into savings, especially if you’re trying to put together a deposit. If you have debts, clear them first. Try to keep up all your repayments, and make the most of creditors that help you spread your costs. Don’t go without, but do your best to live within your means where possible. That way, life can stay as normal as anybody else’s!