When you need cash for a very limited time, until your next paycheck, direct payday loan lenders are great. The interest rate is not low, but neither are your credit card rates and you do not want to add to that total. A bank account and a few questions answered online is all that is required and the lenders send the money to your account. When the loan is paid back quickly the interest in negligible.

The lenders lend money to those who need it immediately for emergency situations. These include medical bills and emergency repairs. Without your auto repaired and able to take you to work, the boss might fire you if you come to work late on a regular basis by public transportation. Even a gift for your child would be a good reason for a payday loan. You do not want to see the sad face of your son or daughter after the promised gift was not purchased.

Those that attack pay day loans fear the competition. Banks which get free money from the Federal Reserve and then loan them out at high rates should not be attacking the payday lenders. It is imperative to remember to pay the loan off quickly after receiving no more than two checks from your job. When you have no where to go for immediate cash the payday loan lenders are your source for short term loans. Most are reputable and perform a needed service to society.