Credit is a big topic in the news, on the internet and in many conversations you hear. Credit cards are an even bigger topic of conversation, especially with the market and economy in shambles. We all know there is a difference between good credit credit cards and bad credit credit cards. It is no secret that your credit must be on the higher side of the FICO score totem pole. But when it is down at the stake, burning with the rest of the bad credit cards market, it doesn’t seem to be an inexpensive venture.

Wanting the security of a credit card to fall back on when you are out of cash seems to be the ideal scenario. When searching for this blanket of a credit card, you absolutely must consider the card that is best suited with your credit score. The last thing you want to do is reduce your credit rating by applying multiple times. If you know your credit is not the best it is safe to say you should find a card that is more for the bad credit population.

The bad credit cards are also going to be the cards that will give you higher interest rates. And these cards are likely to charge you fees up front, so by the time you receive the card, your available balance is about $25, which isn’t much of a help to anyone. Once you have applied for the card, you should get an instant approval or denial. The highest limit usually given to these cards is $300, and you are eligible for credit limit increases every 6 months with good payment history. But even with good payment history you are not guaranteed to get a higher spending limit.

Don’t fall prey to these types of cards. Many times your approval is dependent upon your enrollment in their credit protection plan. This is a charge to your credit card every month, it insures your balance if you lose your job or have a disabling even that prevents you from paying your credit card. While this is a great added protection, it is also another charge that you are responsible for every month, even if you never use the service, you are paying for it, interest and everything. Finding a way to go without bad credit cards is the best way to protect you, blanket or not. Be smart and responsible, if you absolutely must have the card, use it wisely, for emergencies only.