Other options for saving money with kids

Having a child is no joke, and on top of that the financial burden that comes along with it can really slow down the progress of a family.

Here are some extra ways to lower your tax burden by taking advantage of the entire list of child tax credits made available to the public by the government. After taking the child tax credit you may end up with an excess of your tax liability. This amount can potentially be refunded.

This is called the Additional Child Tax Credit. The excess money left over has two different methods of calculation depending on how many children you are claiming.

One of the most prominent examples, that is sort of a passive change and savings, is the fact that savings account for children’s college accounts will be allowed to increase overtime with the ever-changing tuition fees of colleges, without incurring additional fees or taxes on the income.

529 and College Plans

Another deduction that is called the 529 plan, or just a state college-savings plan, includes the ability for parents to save money completely tax-free, with the one restriction being that you have to use the money to pay for your child’s college.

Other similar tax deductions that were made to help low-income families cover this same subject and many more, where they allow huge tax deductions to make the everyday life of families that much more bearable and affordable. For instance, the adoption credit allows up to $12,650 depending on the exact end-result of your adoption, with the credit getting lowered if you income exceeds $229,710 per year.

Another odd example of a tax deduction that can save you money, but might make you scratch your head wondering who came up with the specific laws and restrictions, includes the student loan interest tax deduction that allows students to deduct the interest of a student loan that was paid by a parent. Keep in mind that this is a parent who is not legally obligated to pay the debt, but chooses to on his or her own accord.

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