The economic crisis has placed many American families in deep financial worries. Unemployment continues to soar and more and more individuals are finding themselves without a job and without any regular income to finance their expenses. Deep in debt, loans and borrowings, many are resorting to various ways to modify their debts, transfer balances and seek lending corporations who can offer loans at affordable and reasonable rates.
Debt, loans and dues incurred whether through unpaid credit card purchases, home foreclosures and unpaid car loans are slowly piling up and many can barely breathe.

This has made debt loan and credit amnesties popular offers in many banks and financial corporations. Yet a greater number of banks and credit institutions are also offering balance transfers wherein a new credit company gets to settle your old credit balances, thereby giving you a virtually new credit line, with new payment and interest terms to help you survive.

That more and more individuals are resorting to credit instead of cash, to debt loan and mortgages instead of direct payments, are indicative of the state of the country’s economy. It is an indication of a shortage in cash and a reduction of purchasing power that does not bode well for the country’s economy in general. We all have a long way to go before we can get out of this economic pit whether as individuals or as a country. Economic recovery may be distant but it is not actually impossible. It will require the tightening of belts and the strict control of finances but it is never impossible.

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