Are your finances starting to become an emergency situation? After all, the holidays are here, which means expensive gift buying for your loved ones. So, if you’re yet to be paid, and you’re fresh out of cash, then fear not. Here are five simple ways to quickly get hold of some!


Sell Your Assets

If things are truly getting desperate, then it might be time to start selling off your old stuff. If you have a lot of items that hold significant value then maybe you should consider parting with these. Expensive technology equipment is a great place to start. Do you have a console or handheld gaming device that you simply do not have time to play on anymore? Sell it! There must be plenty of stuff lying around your home that you could sell on. Give it a go.


Odd Jobs

If you’re really strapped for cash then doing a few odd jobs for friends, family or even neighbors down your own street can really help to raise funds. Activities like dog walking and babysitting are always great money earners. It will also help you build up a trust with these people, in the hope that they will offer you the chance to earn again with them. Perhaps you’re good with technology. If so, offer to set up people’s printers, help them install software on the computers, or even set-up their new smartphones for a small fee. These odd jobs can all go a long way.



Perhaps you have literary talents and have a good grasp of spelling and grammar. If so, then consider doing some freelance writing. There are online agencies dedicated to recruiting writers to pen copy for a vast range of organizations. The best bit is, you can do this from home all morning, get paid, and then head into town and do your Christmas shopping on the same evening! Neat. This type of work also pays rather handsomely, so it can be a very lucrative way to earn when in a rush.


You spent all that money on going to college so why not earn some back from it? Offer to private tutor students in your community. You can teach any number of subjects, as long as you know your stuff. A lot of youngsters doing their finals will have mock exams in January, so this is the perfect time to capitalize on them and make a ton of cash! Parents will pay almost anything for their child to get great grades. An excellent educational background means you can really charge a premium and get hold of some money in no time.

Matched Betting

Not many people know how much money can be made honestly through bookmakers, and this is one of the ways. By backing a bet and laying one, you can turn a free bet that you gained simply for signing up to a bookmakers into almost the same amount in cash! There are tons of tutorials online, which illustrate just how easy this money spinner can be. Make sure not to make any mistakes during the process, though, else you could end up throwing money away!

Sell Gift Cards

If you’ve got a ton of gift tokens for stores that you’re never going to shop at, then sell them on! You may have a fair few of these that have accumulated from various birthdays and Christmases. If so, there are plenty of sites such as who’ll be able to bag you some cash for your gift tokens within 24 hours! You won’t quite redeem the full amount, but if it was simply lying in a draw, it’s better to have a bit of cash in your pocket.


Rent Out A Parking Spot

Your home might be in a busy urban location, where parking is sparse, yet you’ve always got your space. If so, rent it out! It’s surprising how many business professionals will pay for a parking space close to or near their office’s location. You can easily list your parking spot online and simply pinpoint it on a map for potential customers to see. This little trick can earn you money every single day – especially if you land a customer who wants to make use of it every day for work.

Clinical Trial

This might be getting into desperate measures now, but the rewards are there for all to see. Taking part in a clinical trial is a great way to earn a lot of money, relatively quickly. A lot of college students take part in these during their term breaks to raise extra funds for partying and such like. The trials are normally for the testing of new medicines. You may be given a condition or you might be lucky enough to be one of the placebo patients. Either way, you’ll bag an incredible paycheck at the end of it all. This is one of the least quickest methods on our list, but definitely earns you the most! So, it’s worth considering.

Cash Loan

If you’re struggling to do any of these money spinners, then it may be time to consider a loan. These are really handy. They can truly bail you out if you’re in a tricky financial situation with a ton of bills to pay for and a load of Christmas gifts still to buy. Most companies will let you borrow up to $500-750 – an incredible amount! You can even choose to pay it back over three months down the line, leaving you worry free for a little extra while. It’s advisable to be wary about the interest rates of these sorts of short term loans, however. Borrow too much, for too long, and you could be looking at an expensive repayment schedule.

Hopefully, at least one of these methods will save you from your monetary woes and earn you loads of cash almost instantly. The holidays are an expensive time, so it’s perfectly understandable to be struggling financial – but it doesn’t have to be that way! Good luck.