Money is something we all need for survival. It maybe a blunt statement but unfortunately it is the hard lying truth. Starting from your morning routine of brushing until the time you slip into your bed for a good night’s rest it all revolves around money. Only when you have this money in an adequate manner can you lead a modest living. Well many people often say that it is impossible to save money and no matter how much you earn it is spent. Actually saving money is no rocket science. Listed below are five of the craziest ways to save money.

Say no to plastic

Just as we say no to plastic to save the environment we must also say no to plastic money (credit/debit card) to keep your money intact. When you are in the habit of making the payments using your plastic money in all the shops you invariably lose track of your accounts at one point of time. Only when the bills arrive do you realize the financial mess you are in. Therefore try to make most of the payments in cash for two simple reasons. One you will be able to keep track of your finances and number two you will not be able to carry heavy amounts of crisp notes everywhere so obviously when you carry less cash you spend less. Always have a balance between paying with plastic or paper

Use your gift of the gab

In most of the places you shop, they would certainly have a price tag on but the actual price would be hidden in the store manager’s mouth. There are some things, which you will get only when you ask for. Therefore, try to negotiate for a fair price. if you ask a fair deal, you are most likely to get it. All the extra money goes back into your pocket as a saving.

Do not fall prey to the “sale” signs

How many of you have encountered a situation where you walk past a store and read the sign ‘sale’ printed out in bold letters and you blindly walk in like a hypnotized puppet. You may not even want the commodity but will simply end up buying it because it is on sale and offered at a discounted price. what you do not understand is that you are invariably shelling out extra money out of your fixed income for something, which is not necessary.

Implement the envelope system

For those of you who are not familiar with this trend it is very simple. All you need to do every month or week after your payment comes is to first meet the fixed monthly/weekly expenses. Then you take out three to four fresh envelopes and divide the excess funds after meeting the fixed expenses into these envelopes and label them say grocery or fuel etc. The trick is that you should not borrow from another envelope to meet any expense for which the money is already provided for. Thus at the end of the month or week when you find the left over money in any of the envelopes it goes into your savings account.

Unity is strength

Well I am sure all of you have heard of this statement and it is jolly good true. When your income for the month or week arrives, whet you should do is to equally spread the money among all the members after meeting the fixed expenses. When you do this, you are reducing your anxiety to manage the entire finance well. This way you are accountable for your portion of money. At the end of the month/week, you can sit together and calculate the amount of money each of you have saved. A job done together in a group is simple and effective.

Thus, above we saw some really absurd yet effective ways to save money. You could just implement them in your day-to-day lives and find your finance improving dramatically.